Oak and Steel Humidor

This humidor is made with solid white oak and hand forged mild steel with a spanish cedar interior and trays.

The 48 raised panels in the sides and the 2 in the lid of the humidor are cut from solid oak and secured into the half lap grid frame with a flexible adhesive. Between the oak and the Spanish cedar lining, there is a layer of Baltic birch plywood that is connected to the grid and well sealed with polyurethane.

The 3/8”quartersawn Spanish cedar lining cedar was resawn and bookmatched and has a double locking seam in which the top edge of the lining fits into a dado in the lid frame.

The steel frame is assembled with a combination of TIG welding and rivits that are hammered flat and tight while red hot (“hot set”).  The hinge was designed just for this piece to support its 12 pound lid.  It stops the lid at about 95 degrees and features silicon bronze pins and washers that cannot rust and will never bind against the steel hinge.  All steel is sealed with lacquer before final assembly and then touched up to insure no surfaces are able to react with the white oak and moisture.  All metal fasteners used are stainless steel where hidden and blackened and waxed brass where visible.

A Xikar Propylene Glycol gel humidifier and electronic hygrometer are installed.

17″ High x 21″ Wide x 15″ Deep

Photo by Lindsay von Julin