Pepperbox-1817Pepperbox is a studio-based design and fabrication company focused on making special objects for clients and for our own brand.  We do one-of-a-kind and production work using in-house capacity as well as a network of specialty studio artisans and industrial processing resources. With this approach, our clients enjoy the benefits of both boutique-style customer service and factory level capacity. Our ability to find solutions across such a range of resources strengthens the quality of our work and keeps every item as good, as distinctive, and as well priced as possible.

Studio furniture, specialized products for the cigar, wine, and spirits enthusiast, and distinctive client retention and promotional items are all within our scope; the unifying theme is our ability to offer solutions well beyond what is available off the shelf. Whether the challenge is aesthetic, such as designing new work to complement existing furniture and architecture, or practical, like an ashtray that really does its job and enhances your enjoyment of a cigar, we excel where standard approaches and products fall short.

The projects and products on this site are a selection of current Pepperbox work and items from the portfolio of Pepperbox founder and principal, Michael Prendergast. High points from more than 20 years of work are represented.